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NMS Internship Program

NMS Recruitment is a startup focusing on recruitment services with the vision to bridge Indonesia’s hidden talents with the right businesses. Our team has grown from nothing to become one of the major players in the industry within one year due to our unique approach in constantly seeking to identify and solve real problems, passionate and diverse team of thinkers and executioners who share the same goal, as well as our relentless focus on excellence. Due to our rapid growth, we are looking for ambitious to complete our team.

Why you might be interested in us?
We hope we share the same vision (will be asked during interview!)
We value you – your ideas and contributions (ask during your interview!)
Clear career progression (ask during your interview!)

Your likely job:
Understanding clients’ needs and ensuring high-quality candidates for clients in a timely manner
Delivering the best solutions for attracting the right candidates for the right jobs
Manage recruitment process
Identify data-driven problems and offer practical solutions
Work based on target

You are likely to be right for us if you have the following qualities:
You believe you can do anything, life is precious, and you have a big dream
You are sincere and selfless
You are good at looking at the bigger picture
You are a good problem solver
You work to live, you believe that life is about being happy

– Bachelor’s degree in any major
– Experience in Recruitment Industry (for full-time)
– Self-motivating and target-oriented
– Ambitious, hungry for knowledge, self improvement-focused, seek challenges
– Love changes, fast-paced and start-up environments
– Enjoys analyzing hidden and apparent problems, and solving them
– Able to re-conceptualize big problems into smaller parts for practical solutions
– Can work individually and as part of a team with minimum supervision
– Can build good relationship with people

If you are interested in applying, please write a paragraph about yourself, your vision, what makes you different than thousands of other applicants, and why we should hire you.

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