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Industrial on Small & Medium Enterprise Competition 2017

Hello all of Industrial Engineering student!
Are you feeling excited?!
HMTI of Brawijaya University proudly present:
iSMEC’s 2017 “Industrial on Small & Medium Enterprise Competition 2017”, The competition for industrial engineering college students in International regions.

ISMEC’s is one of a series of INVENT 2017 events held by Industrial Engineering Student Association of Brawijaya University.

iSMEC’s 2017 is an Industrial Engineering scholarship competition for Industrial Engineering students throughout Indonesia to prepare for the era of Future Globalization and foster student interest in the development and empowerment of small and medium industries.

iSMEC’s 2017 participants will be invited to participate in Visit IKM activities to make observations with the main purpose of providing new ideas or innovations for small and medium industries in this global competition era, in order to continue to compete in industry while still paying attention to environmental aspects. Therefore, iSMEC’s 2017 takes the theme of “Green Industry System To Empower Local Resource Potential”

Prepare your best team and show your industrial knowledge in iSMEC’s 2017!!!

For further information, contact us on:
Line: @MUB9369R
Instagram: ISMEC_IEUB
Twitter: @ISMEC_IEUB
Dillon (085946665179)
Dhia (087885293747)
Emilita (08387810830)
Rafika (08970413797)

Industrial on Small & Medium Enterprise Competition 2017

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