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REPLIKA 2017 Open Air Cinema “Retro Pilihan Kita”

Hello, movie enthusiasts!

Bored with the usual movie atmosphere? Do you want to experience watching in the outdoors while chilling on a beanbag like in the movies? Then you must come to:
REPLIKA 2017 Open Air Cinema “Retro Pilihan Kita”

Time and date: Sunday, 23rd of July, 2017
Place: Jalan Salihara N9. 16, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan

1st session: Nagabonar + Talkshow Budiyati Abiyoga (17.00 – 20.30)
2nd session: Tiga Dara + Talkshow Nia Dinata (21.00 – 00.00)

So there are two movies in two sessions you can see, Nagabonar and Tiga Dara in 4K technology, with only 150.000 Rupiah/session! Not only that, you’ll be getting popcorn and nachos as your movie companions. We will also sing along to the acoustic performances on the warm night.

So what are you waiting for? Get your ticket and chill together with us!
See you in @Replika_ID!


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