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IR Social Project 2017

“We believe that there is a perfect harmony and equilibrium to the universe. Humans are the only species that disturb this equilibrium therefore, we have an obligation and a responsibility to keep nature intact. Which has been imbalanced by the gluttonous lifestyle of humans and our disregard for the planet and its creatures .” – Barbi Twins

IR Social Project 2017 is an annual event where we can help and care for others. This year’s Social Project will take orphan children to experience a whole new adventure in nature and we believe that you can help them in this opportunity.

There are 2 kind of people in this world. The givers and the takers, join us to be the givers because by helping others to achieve their dreams will make you achieve yours.

Open your eyes and see the beauty. Let us embrace and help others by giving our contribution.
Coming Soon, June 2017


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