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UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2013

How Green
The UI GreenMetric World University Ranking is an initiative of Universitas Indonesia which is being launched in 2010. As part of its strategy of raising its international standing, the University hosted an International Conference on World University Rankings on 16 April 2009. It invited a number of experts on world university rankings such as Isidro Aguillo (Webometrics), Angela Yung-Chi Hou (HEEACT), and Alex Usher (Educational Policy Canada). It was clear from the discussions that current criteria being used to rank universities were not giving credit to those that were making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and thus help combat global climate change. We were aware that a number of top world universities, for example Harvard, Chicago, Copenhagen have been taking steps to manage and improve their sustainability. There are also cooperative efforts among groups of universities. A grading system which includes information on sustainability at 300 universities exists under the title the United States Green Report Card. This is excellent, however, results are given in terms of a grade (A to F) rather than a ranking and the number of universities included is relatively circumscribed. We saw the need for a uniform system that would be suitable to attract the support of thousands of the world’s universities and where the results were based on a numerical score that would allow ranking so that quick comparisons could be made among them on the criteria of their commitment to addressing the problems of sustainability and environmental impact.

Criteria & Indicator
Setting and Infrastructure (SI) (15%)
The campus setting and infrastructure information will give the basic information of the university consideration towards green environment. This indicator also shows whether the campus deserve to be called Green Campus. The aim is to trigger the participatinguniversity to provide more space for greenery and in safeguarding environment, as well as the development of sustainable energy.

Energy and Climate Change (EC) (21%)
The university’s attention to the use of energy and climate change issues be the indicator with the highest weighting in this ranking. In our questionnaire we define several indicators for this particular area of concern, i.e. energy efficient appliances usage, renewable energy usage policy, total electricity use, energy conservation program, green building, climate change adaptation and mitigation program, greenhouse gas emission reductions policy. With this indicator, universities are expected to increase the effort in energy efficiency on their building and to care more about nature and energy resources.

Waste (WS) (18%)
Waste treatment and recycling activities are major factors in creating a sustainable environment.The activities of university staff and students in campus will produce a lot of waste, therefore some programs and waste treatments should be among the concern of the university, i.e. recycling program, toxic waste recycling, organic waste treatment, inorganic waste treatment, sewerage disposal, policy to reduce the use of paper and plastic in campus.

Water (WR) (10%)
Water use in campus is another important indicator in Greenmetric. The aim is that universities can decrease water usage, increase conservation program, and protect the habitat. Water conservation program, piped water use are among the criteria.

Transportation (TR) (18%)
Transportation system plays an important role on the carbon emission and pollutant level in university. Transportation policy to limit the number of motor vehicles in campus, the use of campus bus and bicycle will encourage a healthier environment. The pedestrian policy will encourage students and staff to walk around campus, and avoid using private vehicle. The use of environmentally friendly public transportation will decrease carbon footprint around campus.

Education (ED) (18%)
Iin 2012 questionnaire, one new criterion added to the questionnaire: education. This criterion has 18% of the total score. This expansion of the criteria based on the thought that university has an important role in creating the new generation concern with sustainability.

UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2013 (in Indonesia, Overall Ranking and Total Score)
30/301 Universitas Indonesia | 6,379 | map
32/301 Institut Pertanian Bogor | 6,363 | map
47/301 Universitas Diponegoro | 6,172 | map
48/301 Universitas Negeri Semarang | 6,165 | map
85/301 Institut Teknologi Bandung | 5,756 | map
123/301 Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November | 5,308
134/301 Universitas Sebelas Maret | 5,174
146/301 Universitas Andalas | 5,032
148/301 Universitas Lampung | 4,984
164/301 Universitas Riau | 4,814
168/301 Universitas Bengkulu | 4,793
178/301 Universitas Sanata Dharma | 4,718
184/301 Universitas Islam Indonesia | 4,679
208/301 Universitas Gunadarma | 4,410
219/301 Universitas Terbuka | 4,249
246/301 Institut Teknologi Telkom | 3,783
253/301 Universitas Negeri Jember | 3,682
256/301 Universitas Pancasila | 3,655
264/301 Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta | 3,551
265/301 Universitas Sriwijaya | 3,550
275/301 Universitas Brawijaya | 3,326
287/301 Universitas Tanjungpura | 2,905
288/301 Universitas Taruma Negara | 2,881
291/301 Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta | 2,820
292/301 Universitas Kristen Petra | 2,814
294/301 Universitas Syiah Kuala | 2,711
298/301 Universitas Surabaya | 2,436
301/301 Universitas Pelita Harapan | 1,807

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