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Journey of A Thousand Miles

I took a step out of my comfort zone. On the 8th of July 2013 I arrived in Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey. Turkish is a language that I have never been familiar of before. But this is my challenge, to understand other language, other culture, in attempt to understand the universe. Because when you try to understand another culture other than yours, you make attempt to understand the world. I met many new people, AIESEC people from LC Kocaeli are awesome, my host family is marvelous and my new family in the school I work in is perfect. I also met many strangers on the street, as we don’t use the same language, we barely speak to each other but amazingly we could communicate with a magic language called love, they helped me when I had difficulties finding which bus to take and which way to go. We may be different in many aspects (nationality, language, culture, etc), but our soul is the same and it speaks the same language. It is amazing to realize that love is truly a universal language anyone can speak.

In this Global Internship, I teach English to kindergarten, primary, and secondary students. By teaching I also learn so many things. This circle of life is so wonderful. Journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step, a step out of your comfort zone, which allows you to discover more about yourself. A self discovery allows you to improve yourself better every day. In order to make a better world, start with your better self first. Like what Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Humanity is the key to a better world, a world without border. I write what touches me and I hope it touches you too.

Asta Pramuditya/GIP/Kocaeli, Turkey

AIESEC KOCAELI: Sait Topbas, Selin Akay and Fatih Erten

With Kindergarten
With Kindergarten Students (3 years old)

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